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Why Us?

As experienced professionals, we can offer a turnkey package from site assessment to design and installation. We can advise and procure any available government supports and are accredited by all relevant industry bodies. We employ all our own staff and only use quality components


The company was established in 2015 and soon gained a reputation for quality and professionalism.

Since then we have installed over 1500 solar energy and EV charging systems, producing more than 250 MWh of clean energy. We have many individual and corporate clients who have already appreciated solar energy and successfully use it for their work and life. We continue developing our technology and implementing innovations for better functionality and more energy saving.

Our Philosophy

Quality / Value / Service


Some Of Our Services

Use your roof to generate savings for your business. Most roof types are suitable. Contact us for advice
Utilise spare ground or car parks to install energy saving solar panels
Increase your self-consumption by storing excess solar production in a battery for later use. Shift loads from when…
Supply charge points for your employees or customers. Charging can be a free or revenue-generating option
Panel cleaning, cable integrity checking and repairs are all part of our service offering
Become part of a network of autonomous producers that aggregate your facilities and offer them back to the…

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